Tuesday, November 6, 2012

String Doll Giveaway

I feel generous today so I'm giving away one Pocahontas string doll. Follow the mechanics below.

Just choose any of the following to gain entries for this contest:
*follow this blog
*like Customized Dolls fanpage in facebook
*tag Customized Dolls fanpage in facebook
*watch Em-Ar-Ae on deviantart
*add maryrose710 to your circle in etsy

The more entries you get, the more chances of winning. Just comment your name, email address and any of the following (facebook name/deviantart ID/etsy name) whichever did you use in joining the contest.

This contest is open to all (international and local).

Contest ends on Dec 7.

Spread the love :)

More pictures...


  1. I join the contest! With Facebook, dA, Etsy(Mérilie Gagnon/MissMery/MissM3ry)
    And your Pocahontas is sooooo awsome!

  2. This is so awesome! :D I liked your fb and tagged you in a post(Higginstuff shop), watch you on dA (Higginstuff) and follow you on etsy (Higginstuff) Your string dolls are the best out there! :D

  3. I liked on fb, watched on DA (Orijans), added to circle (OrijansArt)and followed your blog! XD

  4. Sydney :)

    Facebook : Ika Kame
    Deviantart: Chu-Chu-Panda