Friday, November 30, 2012

Calcifer Plush Doll

It's already December! Look how fast time flies. Next week we will be starting our Kris Kringle and we have some guidelines to follow. We must bring something that's in the list. So here's what we've agreed:


Dec 3 - for private use
Dec 4 - reminiscent of childhood
Dec 5 - you need to insert
Dec 6 - handmade
Dec 7 - u can use after a year
Dec 10 - healthy
Dec 11 - dirty
Dec 12 - you don't want to own
Dec 13 - scary
Dec 14 - 80's
Dec 17 - starts with letter L
Dec 18 - boring
Dec 19 - nerdy
Dec 20 - serious
Dec 21 - weird

This is really hard. My mind is not working. I can't think of anything to bring with those "something" stuff on the list. The only thing I'm sure is the "something handmade". So yesterday, I made a Calcifer plush doll. It is inspired from this picture which I found online: Calcifer plush doll.

I hope my manito/manita would love it.

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