Friday, October 26, 2012

Totoro felt phone case

I just thought I should do something new..some new craft and so i decided to try making a felt phone case. I've seen cute pictures of felt phone case online and it inspired me to make one.


used these for totoro's and dust bunny's eyes


I used leatherette for the outer part and felt for the inner part(to protect the phone from scratches). The reason why I used leatherette is that if I use felt alone, the phone case would easily be destroyed because it is not as thick like the ones I see online. 

Before trying this craft, I thought I could sell it but after finishing it, I've decided not to. It didn't turn out well and I'm not confident about it. So I will just stick to my string dolls for now and try to search another craft that I could do and sell online :).

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