Saturday, October 6, 2012

My dolls were featured!

This is an old news but I was too lazy to blog it then and just feel like blogging it now. This is about my string dolls - the only thing I can brag about. 

Remember the Alice in Wonderland string doll set? Someone from Etsy commissioned me to make just Alice and Mad Hatter for a birthday party. Well it was not just an ordinary birthday party. It's a themed party by Kalice Events. The theme was Alice in Wonderland obviously. I was so happy when the client got back to me and informed me that my string dolls were featured on their blog. That was really a cool party and my string dolls were part of it. I was so proud. :)

from Kalice Events

Another blogger Made By a Human also featured my string dolls. This time the Princess Mononoke Set. How sweet! :)

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