Saturday, October 15, 2011

Adventure in Bantayan

One of the best trips I had was in Bantayan. We've been planning about this trip since last year and was only realized on September 18 this year. We only had 1 day to plan the trip and 1 night to research which resort to stay. Reading blogs was very helpful. We saw beautiful pictures of Sugar Beach Club so we decided to stay there.

On the day of the trip, the team decided to just meet-up at the north bus terminal at 3:30am but those coming from Lapu-Lapu, like me and 5 of our teammates met-up at Rose Pharmacy in Tamiya earlier before going to the terminal (sad to say my pictures here got deleted).

Majority voted for the aircon bus coz there was just a small difference on the fare from the non-aircon bus. The aircon is 150 pesos while the non-aircon is 132 pesos. We got on the aircon bus at 3:40am thinking that it will depart by 4am but we were wrong. It's departure time is 5:30am so we step down and just took the non-aircon bus instead, which after a few minutes of securing our seats, it already took off.

We reached Hagnaya after 3 hours. We missed the first trip to Bantayan so we took the 8:00am trip. We paid 170 pesos for the barge and 10 pesos for the terminal fee.

(from left) ricco, me and maiza are just reflections from the big mirror while Flomar is not

the barge that will take us to Bantayan

That was the first time I've ridden a barge. There was just a small area for the passengers. The whole team stayed on the cushion chairs. It feels like we own the place.

the back part of the barge

The first minutes we were having fun but later the waves got bigger and almost everyone got dizzy so we just laid down and that helped.

the inspector

We reached Bantayan Island after 1 hour.

From the pier, we took a tricycle going to Sugar Beach Club. Each one paid 20 pesos. The resort is 10 minutes away from the pier.

their tricycle is big

in front of the resort

in front of our room

We got one non-aircon room worth 1200. It has 2 beds, 1 rest room, 1 mirror, and 2 electric fans. It's not a fancy room but it's still okay.

Beside our room is a big cottage and that serves as our eating area.

The cottages in the resort are free. Our room is fronting the beach which is really nice. I love that resort. The sand is so white and the area is clean.

the beach

There were a lot of coconut trees.

They have a pedicab inside the resort but it's not for free.

They also have a karaoke machine where you can drop a 5 peso coin to sing a song.

One of our teammates knows someone who has motorcycles for rent so we rented 4 motorcycles. We paid 250 for each motorcycle which is good for 24 hours and and the fuel will be on your own expense.

Later that afternoon, we drove to Bantayan proper to buy some food and also to take a tour at the place. It was really fun. The street was clean and there were lovely flowers along the road. But there were a few street lights so it was really dark at night and scary coz there were less houses on side of the street.

never tried this dried fish bone ever. it looks weird
We did not cook our dinner anymore and also our lunch earlier that day and for our breakfast on the next day. We have it cooked by the resort caretakers.

Food expenses:
* 180 kilo of meat + 40 cooking fee (you can have it in adobo or grilled or in any way you like) + 20 worth of charcoal for 1 kilo of grilled meat
* 120 kilo of fish + 40 cooking fee (sinigang, tinola, fried)
* eggs worth 10 (already cooked)

We had a bonfire later that night. We also paid for it. It was worth 100 coz the resort caretakers will be the one to set it up.

We've also set-up a tent beside our bonfire and had to pay for that.

That's where I slept that night together with my two other team mates. That was my dream, the bonfire and the tent. It finally came true.

We played and talked and laughed a lot that night until we got so tired, especially me which is good coz I was able to have a good sleep in the tent.

The next day, we woke up at 5:30am to get ready for our island hopping.

the remains of our bonfire
we took the pillow and blanket from the room we rented
the totoro sand i made that night
We started our island hopping at 7am. Our destination is to Virgin Island.

the banca that will take us to Virgin Island

The waves from Sugar Beach are quite big but as we pass through the pier to Virgin Island, the water gets calmer. We paid 1000 (total) for the Island hopping and 100 per person for the entrance fee in Virgin Island.

Virgin Island

The sand in that island is not as fine compared to that in Bantayan but the water is very clear.

We just swam there for an hour or two and then we got on to the banca and jump in the deeper part of the water just near the island.

Ponyo and friends

When we got back to the resort, we ate our breakfast and at 10am, we packed our things and went to the pier where we met the owner of the motorcycle we rented.

at Sta. Fe port
We boarded the ship at 11am. Everyone was so tired and just slept on the ship. It was really sad that we had to end that trip that early coz we still have to work at night on that day (Monday).

Though that was just a 2-day trip, we were able to do a lot of things and enjoyed the whole trip. If I would ever go back to Bantayan again, I would still stay in Sugar Beach Club.

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  1. nice blog rosey, keep up the good work. If given another chance to visit again this island that wouldn't be same memories around it but truly you guys rocked of having fun including me at that time. see you around!