Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cebu's First Korea Day

I've been waiting for this since the day it was announced. Every kpop fanatics are excited. The celebration started on September 38 and ended on October 2.

Me and my friends went to Ayala at 4pm that day. When I arrived, the parade already started.

The program was held in the Terraces, Ayala. There were booths installed around the place. All of which are selling Korean food and stuff. There were a lot of free tastes! <3

We hopped in from one booth to another.

The best free taste was the chicken from Chosun Chicken.The samples are in big sizes. It really tastes good and the booth attendants were really nice.

There was also a booth that sells Korean ice cream. They don't have a free taste but they have a buy-4-for-100 promo. We bought 4 different flavors of ice cream and mine, the green one, tastes really good.

There's another booth that caught our attention. It's the one that sells kpop merchandise and Korean souvenirs. We just love the items but never bought one, haha..

Oh well, except for my friend who bought a GDragon keychain.

We met some of our friends there. Good thing there were many of them who already secured a seat so we hitched a seat from them.

Then the program started at 6pm. They presented some traditional songs and dances from Korea.

One that I enjoyed the most is the Samulnori dance. The string in their heads are really cute to look at and the movements of their heads too.

There was also this dancer that me and my friends find really cute. She looks like an actress from Korea.

Aside from the traditional Korean dances, they've also presented the traditional Korean dresses which are very colorful and very cute.

earlier that afternoon, we took a picture with the 2 girls wearing the traditional korean dress
After that is the most awaited part, the presentation of the winners from the Kpop Contest that was held on September 30. There were also presenters from Manila and they were really good. Everyone screamed like they were real kpop artists. It was really fun.

among those who performed from cebu, their performance was the best

The Manila performers. 

XCrew - they danced to Super Junior's songs

Off Limits Crew - they danced to Shinee's songs

After all the presentations, all the presenters went to the stage.

After the program, me and my friends went up to the stage and had picture taking with the presenters.

and of course, we took a picture with our idol :)

The funny thing is, there was this cute korean guy who is not part of the show. He just passed by when I noticed how cute he is and asked him if we could take a picture with him. Good thing, he agreed. And then he got so popular that almost all my friends and friends of my friends took a picture with

We really enjoyed it. I would never miss the next Korea Day next year.