Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taylor Swift concert in Manila

I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift. So when i heard she will be having a concert on February 19, 2011, I immediately saved money to buy her concert tickets. It was announced on November 2010 and it's a good timing coz by December we will have our 13th month pay. With the help of  Taylor Swift Philippines I got a reservation for the VIP lowerbox. The original plan was, I would be going with my office mate but due to some unexpected circumstances she could not make it. She already got two tickets for the concert. She told me that she'll give me her two tickets for free  and I'll just find two persons to go with me to the concert.  So the two lucky persons are my cousin Kaven and my friend Maiza.

We flew all the way from Cebu to Manila on the day of the concert. It was 2pm when we finally arrived at Araneta Coliseum. It was my first time in Araneta and I'm so excited to get inside. There was already a long queue of TS fans.

the crowd outside Araneta
We have to wait until 6pm before the gates opened. We had fun while staying on the line. There were free cokes given to us and we met new friends and chatted with them.

my banner..hahaha

(from left) Kaven and Maiza
Then we finally went inside. Me and my cousin and friend have to split coz they will be staying on the upperbox. I will stay alone on the lowerbox. I was the first to arrive on my seat. It was just so right in front of the stage but a little farther. I noticed there was a small stage with guitars on the side just meters away from my seat. I overheard from the guard that earlier that day Taylor Swift was sitting there and practicing with her guitar. I was thrilled. I assumed Taylor will be performing there and I would be so near her. 

Another thing that excites is that my all time favorite Sam Concepcion will be doing the front act. That would be my first time to see Sam.

from where I was sitting. That small stage
Good thing I was seated next to a friend I knew through the fans club. She  brought with her a banner. I also brought one. We were happily chatting while waiting for the show to start. The coliseum was almost full except for the side behind the stage. I heard it was sold out and there were standees. We saw a lot of celebrities. To name a few, there was Vice Ganda with Kris Aquino, Raymond Guitierrez, Maja Salvador, Kim Chu, Sam Milby, Chris Tiu(we are seated on the same box) and Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano with their children.

with Carissa (a friend i met through the TS fans club)
When the lights went out, everyone screamed including me. We were chanting Taylor Taylor Taylor! It was my first time to attend a concert. It was really nice to be there and be one of the crowd.
So it finally started. Sam Concepcion came out and  I was screaming. Sam's performance was awesome. I can't believe I get to see him sing and dance live. I could not hold my cam still coz I was screaming while recording his performance. After Sam, there was a short pause. And everyone was chanting Taylor! Taylor! again...louder and louder..then finally... finally, it started. It started with a short narration then Sparks Fly was played. It was a fantastic intro. Then Taylor Swift came out and the whole crowd was screaming.

It was so overwhelming. I got goosebumps. I can't believe Taylor Swift is really there singing and dancing on the stage. I was singing along with her in the whole show. Not only me but the whole crowd too. Everyone knew the lyrics of her song. The crowd was amazing. I was getting excited because i was expecting her to perform on the small stage near us and sing some songs. But it never happened. The show ended but she did not sang there. I was so brokenhearted coz I really thought I could give her my crocheted doll. I made that only for her. At the end of the show, I was filled with happiness but at the same time disappointment.

After the show, I stayed at the lobby to wait for my cousin and friend who were still on the upperbox. I noticed behind me that there were some bright lights. When I turned around, I found out that it was Sam Concepcion shooting for ASAP all access. I was starstruck. I was just inches away from him. I wanted to take a pic with him but the staff whose with him says "later nalang after the shoot". I was so polite that I just stood back and waited. But when they took a break to practice the script, I grab that opportunity and in an instant I gave Sam the doll which was supposed to be for Taylor. I thought I took a picture of him holding my doll but I forgot it was set to video mode. I panicked and just record it while my hands were trembling. So sad my friend Maiza whose a big fan of Sam Concepcion was not there. I texted them to hurry but they were too late...hahaha.

Sam saved the day or rather the night. I was so happy. Very happy.

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