Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jason Castro in Cebu

Those who have been following American Idol would know this guy popular for his dreadlocks.  He's no other than Jason Castro. He's from my favorite season, season 7. I memorized all the finalists from that season. For me, that's the best season of American Idol. My bet was really David Cook but I love Jason Castro more not only because he's good looking, especially he has this very beautiful eyes, but also he has a very good sense of humor and a unique voice.

I promised to my self that if he would come to Philippines, I would surely buy a ticket to see his show. And it really happened on March 20, 2010.

I was walking around in Ayala when a big banner caught my attention. I could not believe what I was seeing. It's Jason Castro's picture.

I was like "OMG! Jason Castro will have a show in Ayala!!!". I checked on the details and found out that in order to get passes for his show, I should purchase an item worth 800 pesos in Active Zone. I have thought about it for a week. I invited my officemates but they would say, "Oh that's so expensive". But I don't care. I want to see Jason Castro so bad and I might regret it if I'll let that moment pass. So the next Saturday, I went and bought a slipper worth 800. Yes,  very expensive slippers. After purchasing, I went to the counter and he told me that I could get a passes for Jason Castro's concert. In my mind I was saying "I know about it already and that's the very reason I bought that slipper..hahah". I went to the booth that gives the ticket in exchange for the receipt. I was surprised when the lady at the booth told me that the ticket is good for two persons. The first person that popped in my mind was my cousin. She's also a fan but she could not afford the ticket. I was excited for her. But wait, there's more! There was a meet and greet passes given to the first 70 ticket owners and I was lucky I was the 30th+. I was super duper happy. I'm so excited for the next Saturday coz that will be the date of his concert. I was doing a countdown everyday on my status on fb. I have to be ready of course. That would be my first meet and greet with my favorite international artist and I have to be prepared on what to do during M&G, so I did a research. I watched fan cams on YouTube and read blogs. That was very helpful. I've also prepared something for Jason. I made a small string doll that looks like Jason Castro and I also sketched Jason Castro and at the back I wrote a message for him.

The most anticipated day came. The show would start at 8pm but I already went there at 4pm. When we pass by Astroplus, I saw a poster of Jason Castro so I immediately went inside and asked about the poster and the lady said that the poster would come free for every Jason Castro album. I, of course, bought an album, got my free poster and another surprise - a cd signing stub.

There were already fans lining up at the venue.  An hour later Jason Castro came with his wife Mandy and the rest of his crew. They passed on the other side. But from afar he would stand out. He's so white and you'll easily recognize him because of his dreads. We were calling him and waving but they went inside to this restaurant. We could see flashes from cameras, you would know they were taking picture there with fans. Lucky those people. We waited for hours then he finally went out and went to the stage  and did a sound check. We screamed and waved at him. He was so nice to wave back and greet us.

earlier that afternoon, the venue
At 8pm, the gate was opened. We rushed to get to the front seats. We were able to get a good one.

we were near the stage

me(right) and my cousin(left)
When Jason came out, we screamed. Super kilig. Jason is really handsome. So handsome in person. I was recording the whole concert. There were so many people at the terraces. When I looked around, every floor was filled with people carrying cameras and some have also brought banners. As Jason sings, I would just hum to his song and wave my hand coz I'm not yet familiar with his songs except for Let's Just Fall Inlove Again but all his songs were really nice. He also sang his popular piece from American Idol, the songs Hallelujah and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Hearing those songs makes me feel like I'm in American Idol. Jason has a very nice voice. It was so nice to hear him sing live.

After the show, the meet and greet followed. We have to line up to get a picture with Jason. I was super excited. Some took picture by group, some by solo. Me and my cousin took a picture with Jason together.

When we were approaching Jason to take a picture, the first thing I did was to hug him, he smelled so good. I shook his hands afterwards. I gave him my doll and my drawing. We took a picture with him holding my gifts for him. Then it seemed like everything happened so fast. I have to go to the line again for the cd signing. We were not allowed to bring a camera so I just used my phone's camera to take a picture of Jason while he was signing my cd. I just wanted to take a picture of Jason signing my cd but he paused and look at my camera. Oh how nice of him. And I shook his hands again. Jason was super nice.

during the cd signing
signed cd
All that happened that night was so surreal. It still wont sink in to me that I've finally met my idol. I was so high. It made me smile everytime I think of that moment.

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