Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jason Castro fandom

I became a big fan of Jason Castro after I met him. I was already a fan but not as much as I am now. I created an account in twitter and named it JasonCastroCebu which i changed to JasonCaseyCebu when I discovered a new idol which is Casey James from American Idol season 9. Jason was the  first celebrity I followed in that account.
I feel so lucky being a Jason Castro fan. He's the first celebrity who replied to me on twitter.

It was 2am when I tweeted him but I never really expected a reply coz very few celebrities reply to their fans.I almost shouted when I saw his tweet addressed to me.

Jason was the first celebrity who followed me. I ask him to follow me and he did. I was just so lucky at that time that he was in a good mood. He has already followed a few of his fans. But after a few months, he decided to unfollow us coz he's feeds gets so messy and I understand him so it's fine with me but I was a  little brokenhearted at that moment.
On my birthday, I asked Jason to greet me and he did! I really thought I would not get one coz I've been tweeting him and never got a reply but before that day ended, I got a birthday greeting from him. Yay!

I got more than one reply from Jason already. And that made me so happy.

Because of Jason Castro I met new friends on twitter. They are also his fans and they are really nice especially Winnie. She gave me a Jason Castro calendar with a tote bag which she bought from Jason's site. I could not believe I would own that calendar. I fancy it so much that I look at it every time I visit Jason's site.

Just recently, Winnie also gave me a CD of Jason Castro with a signature and with my name written by Jason.

I also got a fansign from Jason with the help of Winnie too. This one made me cry (tears of joy).

Me: Jason is really nice
Winnie: He really is and he goes out of his way to please everyone. I also told him you are JasonCaseyCebu and he said he remembers your name. :)
Winnie: When I approached him, he saw the sign and he said, we're gonna greet someone. Ok cool!

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