Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love DVD Box Set

I am so crazy about this movie. This is now my favorite movie of all. Been spazzing about it on facebook for a week or two, searching for informations and pictures of this movie from the making to just any picture related to the movie and the casts. I love everything about this movie - the scenes,the story, the actors, the lines, the wardrobe and the props. My favorite of all is the scrapbook of P'Shone. I really wanted to own one. When I found out that it's being sold together with the DVD, I then researched where to buy it and someone told me it's being sold at boomerangshop. I have thought about it for a week and finally decided to buy it.

I was really excited when the package arrived. I love seeing the Thai stamp on the box. How cool, it's really from Thailand where the movie was shot. It feels like I now have a connection with the movie..hahaha... I kept it for remembrance.


The scrapbook is just a replica and different from that in the movie. There were pictures present in the scrapbook that are not in the movie.

I will show you all the pages in the scrapbook. The writings are in Thai so I just placed some English translations which I just copied from the subtitle of the movie I have downloaded.

Here are the pages:
DVD box set
opening the scrapbook - first page

Every page is folded and you'll be surprised with what you'll see after unfolding it.

this is still the first page with the dvd attached

page 2

page 3
page  4

page 5
page 6
page 7

page 8
page 9
page 10
page 11
closer look at the captions from page 11
page 12

page 13
page 14
page 15

page 16

The best part is the last page. It has a hallow part where the 9 recipe book of love, 10 postcards, and 1 film cell is placed.

last page

9 recipe of love book

film cell from the movie

There are actually 10 postcards but what you'll see below are just 8 of them coz I already posted the other 2 in my corkboard in the office.


Here's my corkboard. There they are, the other 2 postcards.

The DVD box set includes the movie dvd, special features dvd, and the ost cd. Sad to say, the movie and special features dvd doesn't have an english subtitle and the ost cd contains only 2 songs from the movie.

dvds and audio cd
Thought those are it but no! I was so surprised to see these two inserted on the 9 recipe of love book -  Nam's button and valentines card from the movie. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Nam's button, same one from the movie only without the blood stain

card given by Nam to P'Shone during valentines day when she finally confessed to P'Shone

That's it! Love how they came up with this idea of a box set. This thing is really cool.


  1. i think you can play the movie with subtitles. First, download the subs of the movie. Next, play the DVD using VLC. Afterwards, drag the sub file on the program as it plays. Right-click the movie, and there you go.

  2. hi there!

    This is amazing! I'd like to buy one! How much is the whole DVD set plus the scrapbook?

    Vienna (

    1. hi gracey, i'm sorry but i don't sell that... i know two sites that sells them OR

  3. hy, can you trasnlet the 9 recipe love to english cause on the movie the other recipe dosn't tell

  4. i just want to know where can i buy that set?


  5. I'm French, so sorry for my bad english.

    I found this film there is one year and, I desperately search the DVD since the first time I saw the film ! Do you know where I could find it ?

    Sorry for the inconvenience !